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Palm Reading Techniques and Meanings

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Your Future is in the Palm of Your Hand

Palm reading has existed in our culture ever since the Ancient Greece. Palm reading claims to study your characteristics and read your future based on the lines of your hands. Each line on your palm means something different. Often the readings can be conflicting but this is due to the fact that many people have different interpretations of the readings.

A Brief History of Palm Reading

Palm reading has been ever present throughout our history and our present. In the middle ages the Catholic Church tried to suppress palm reading. Stating that it was a form of magic and therefore an affront to our lord and savior. It was condemned alongside necromancy and was listed as one of seven “Forbidden Arts”. People truly believed that palm reading had strong powers, people still do.

Not only do people read the lines of your hands but they also take into consideration you character, and the bumps on your hands. The space that occupies the lines. Palm readings usually begin with your dominant hand. The hand you use the most i.e. the one you write with. Your other hand is believed to carry family traits or hereditary information.

Introduction to Palm Reading

  1. Select your Hand – As explained in the techniques, palm reading requires your most dominant hand to be used as the focus.
  2. Find the Line – You then need to identify the four major lines on your palm. You should be able to see your Heart line, Head line, Life line and Fate line. See diagram above.
  3. Study the Lines – The lines are interpreted through there length, position, direction and definition.
  4. The heart line – The heart line is an indication of emotional stability, romantic prospects and how healthy your heart is.
  5. The Head Line – This line represents your learning style, how well you communicate with people and you general thirst for knowledge.
  6. The Life Line – This line reflects your physical and general well-being. It also looks for big changes in your lifestyle.
  7. The Fate Line – Also known as the ‘destiny line’, the fate line looks at how your life may be affected by external influences.

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